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Steamer Vladimir Rusanov in Arkhangelsk 1918

Fokad: Hello, жаль, что я не владеющих русским языком. только на английском или французском языке I am looking informations on the trip made by the food ship Vladimir Rusanov from Newcastle in Britain to Arkhangelsk in april-june 1918 I thank you in advance

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Автроилъ: Forgive the sir, but I have understood nothing from your message.

Fokad: Between april and june 1918, the ships Nascopie, Egba and Vladimir Rusanov were sent from England to Arkhangels to bring food. I am doing research on the journey of Vladimir Rusanov. I suppose my Great Father was sent back to Russia on this ship. Thank you in advance

NORD: The dear colleague! What information on steamship VLADIMIR RUSANOV Vas interests. EGBA in the beginning of August, 1918 stood in Arahaneglsky port with a flour and other grocery supplies. Yours faithfully, nord.

Рамзес: Fokad - полного ответа на вопрос нет ну надеюсь поймете. 01.04.1918 г. Русанов из ледокольной флотилии ФСЛО передали Мортрану (он еще в России). 21.06.1918 г.по предписанию Порткома №503 о сдаче в Беломортран принят Комиссией по приемке плав. средств национализированного имущества в ведение РФСР и при этом был осмотрен (то есть он также в России). Рейс в Ньюкасл и назад был где - то в этом промежутке но точных дат у меня нет.

Fokad: NORD and Рамзес, Thank you for your responses I am mainly interested by SS Vladimir Rusanov. When she left Newcastle in UK, when she called in Vardoe (Norway), when she arrived in Arkhangelsk. I would like to know whether passengers were aboard? However, any information is welcome. I do not speak Russian thus I used internet translation. It was not easy for me to understand I have understood that (but if NORD could help me ...) -01.04.1918 V. Rusanov has been affected to the icebreaker fleet in the White Sea (ФСЛО ?, Мортрану ?) -21.06.1918 V. Rusanov has been requisitionned by the autorithies (Порткома ?, Беломортран ?, РФСР ?) According to the British Archives, V. Rusanov was under repair in Newcastle in march 1918. She was ordered to carry 5000 barrels of herrings between in Vardoe and Arkhangelsk. Thus, I suppose she left Newcastle by the end of april. From the informations given by Рамзес she was in Arkhangelsk before 21.06.1918. Right?

NORD: FOKAD. Ramzes write: Fokad - the full answer to a question is not present well I hope will understand. 4/1/1918 Rusanov from icebreaking flotilla ФСЛО were transferred by Mortranu (it in Russia). 6/21/1918 under the instruction of Portkoma? 503 about delivery in Belomortran it is accepted by the Commission on acceptance плав. Means of the nationalised property in conducting РФСР also has been thus examined (that is it also in Russia). Flight to Newcastle and was where - that in this interval back but exact dates at me are not present.

Fokad: Thank You NORD In between I had found an explanation for ФСЛО: Artic Ocean Naval Forces Мортрану and Беломортран: office for sea transportation. Both were organizations which subordinated the entire maritime transport of the North. I think that Беломортран replaced Мортрану during the spring 1918. However I could not understand what Порткома means. If one day you can get more information about V. Rusanov and her trip from Newcastle, I shall be interested in. Regards Fokad

NORD: Fokad FSLO (ФСЛО) - A flotilla of Arctic ocean. Mortran - Management of Sea transport. Belmortran - Management of Belomorsky sea transport. Portkom - Port committee. Excuse, till now how I can not reach pilotage books to look arrival date «Vladimir Rusanov» in the Arkhangelsk port in 1918 Yours faithfully, nord.

Fokad: NORD, I thank you for the informations. As I said before, I am really interested by any things about V. Rusanov. I suppose that my Great Father was repatriated from Newcastle in Britain to Arkhangelsk aboard the ship. Best regards Fokad

NORD: Fokad The Steamship "Vladimir Rusanov" has arrived to the Arkhangelsk port on April, 20th, 1918. In the beginning has moored in Solombala (соломбале), and then has passed in city centre, to Long voyage landing stage. Has put to sea on November, 12th, 1918 from Long voyage landing stage. Yours faithfully, nord.

Fokad: NORD, Thank you for the informations. Thus, it appears that the SS V. Rusanov has arrived to the Arkhangelsk port at the same time as the two other steamers Nascopie and Egba. I have found in the British National Archives that SS Nascopie and Egba had left Liverpool on march 26th, had called in Murmansk on april 13th and had arrived to Arkhangelsk on april 20th. I am very surprised by your information because, from the same papers (but there is no precise indication), I had supposed that SS V. Rusanov had left Newcastle much later (between april 10th and 20th) and had also arrived later to Arkhangelsk, especially because she had to stop in Vardo to load 5000 herring barrels. Thus my Great Father was may be not aboard SS V. Rusanov as he left Newcastle not sooner than april 10th. My problem now is where and when did my Great father arrive in Russia. Would you have the possibility of obtaining more informations on ship trafficking between Britain (Newcastle) and North Russia (Arkhangelsk or Murmansk) between april and may (june?) 1918? I suppose the date (april 20th) was given in the new calendar employed from february 1st 1918 Best regards Fokad

NORD: Fokad, I will look on pilotage magazines time of arrival of steamships NASCOPIE and EGBA. Yours faithfully, nord.

NORD: Fokad, English steamships "NASKOPIE" and "EGBA" have arrived to the Arkhangelsk port on June, 10th, 1918 and have been resulted by pilots from Economy before spot-check by Soboronoj (City spot-check). The all date given in the new calendar employed from february 1st 1918. Yours faithfully, nord.

Fokad: NORD, Bravo. You have the best informations directly from reports from the Arkhangelsk port (are you living in this area?). Do you know whether passengers were aboard the three steamers? However, for me, the mystery is increasing and I cannnot understand anymore. In a report from the British Ministry of shipping in date of april 27th (at the National Archives of UK on www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ the document can be freely downoaded under the reference CAB/24/49. I can also send it to you if you have a mail adress), SS Nascopie and EGBA are already in Arkhangelsk at the date of the report whereas SS V. Rusanov is apparently still at sea. It was probably misreported. I only know that my Great Father was repatriated from Newcastle to Russia on (or after) april 10th, 1918. SS Nascopie and Egba sailed from Liverpool in march. SS V. Rusanov sailed from Newcastle but apparently also too early (10 days between Newcastle and Arkhangelsk, including a call in Vardo and some ice-bound sea problems should be an incredible short trip). Had another vessel from Newcastle arrived to Arkhangelsk in the beginning of may 1918? I can also suppose that my Great Father has arrived to Mumansk. Thank you again Best regards Fokad

NORD: Fokad, I live in the city of Arkhangel, I am engaged in studying of history of navigation in Russian North since XIV century on the XX-th century. The passengers who have arrived to the Arkhangel port on courts "Vladimirs Rusanovs", "NASKOPIE" and "EGBA", should pass through customs inspection. Means, in documents of the Arkhangel customs for 1918 there can be lists of passengers from these transports. For this purpose it is necessary to see documents of the Arkhangel customs for 1918. I Wait from you for documents from archive. My e-mail: lodia.arh@mail.ru Yours faithfully, nord.

NORD: Fokad, The letter and archival materials has received, many thanks. With materials I will work during week-end and next week I will answer. Yours faithfully, nord.

NORD: Fokad, I have sent two letters on your e-mail. I ask you to confirm their reception. Yours faithfully, nord.

Fokad: NORD, I have just received one letter on thursday (yesterday); Best regards Fokad

NORD: Fokad, Letter of 23.08.10. no went to your e-mail. I have sent this letter on your e-mail now. Yours faithfully, nord.

NORD: Уважаемые коллеги! FOKAD обратился с просьбой: располагает ли кто-либо из коллег информацией о пребывании в Мурманском порту судна "PORTO" в 1918 году. С благодарностью FOKAD and Nord.

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