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Вопрос Адреасу фон Маху

vvy: Андреас, в 1919 г. на Северной Двине действовали английская яхта «Kathleen» и вспомогательное судно «Varnigon». К сожалению, не могу найти по ним никаких данных. Помоги, пожалуйста!

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AvM: Lloyd's List - Tuesday 11 November 1851 Reval, 31st Oct. The CYCLOPS (a), Campbell, from Newcastle to St. Petersburg, has got . aground on Oesel. Lloyd's List - Friday 14 November 1851 [Nov. 14 Cronstadt, sth Nov. The CYCLOPS (s), Campbell,. from Shields to this port, which aftrnck on FHsatid Reef TSth Oct. came off, and sank immediately in deep water; crew saved. It seems she was built for the Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yuriis_m: уважаемый AvM ! NEWPORT - British gunboat одна из известнейших шхун Svyataya Anna благодаря экранизации романа Каверина Два Капитана The Two Captains собственно в чем Ваш вопрос?

AvM: Forrest, Limehouse built for Russia 1859 ordered 29 Nov 1858 by Grand Duce Constantine based on Peake plans. 3 for the Navy 30ft + 2x carriages 2 for ROPiT for Odessa

AvM: Russkiy Parokhod MAUMEE Hong Kong Daily Press 29 Jun 1872 Maumee , master Basin Russian Steamer 600t Consigneer: Landstein & Co https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Maumee_(1863)

AvM: The Straits Times Overland Journal, 27 August 1869 The Russian steamer Shaftesbury, Captain Aitken, from Hongkong with dates to the sth instant, en route to Bombay, arrived here yesterday afterternoon, We ... The Straits Times, 23 October 1869, Page 4 The Straits Times, 4 January1870 Arrivals 14th December Russian steamer Shaftesbury, Aitken. from Hong Kong. The Straits Times, 26 November 1870 Depactures. Monday, 21st November. Russian steamer Shaftesbury, Aitken. for Saigon. Straits Times Overland Journal, 15 February 1872, Page 8 Arrivals. 4th February British Steamer Shattesbury 524t, Hutchison, from Peneng http://www.sunderlandships.com/view.php?year_built=&builder=&ref=105366&vessel=SHAFTESBURY

AvM: Sonoma Democrat, Number 22, 13 March 1862 Thu steamers Martin While, Columbia and Union Star have been purchased at San Francisco for the “ Central Flowery Kingdom.” Hong Kong Daily Press, 1867-05-22 Russian steamer Wolga 114t master Thomas 114t consignees: Landstein & Co Hong Kong Daily Press, 1866-03-16 WHAMPOA FEE PANG M.de Cruz Port Str. 114t Brondo & Co at Chem pee wood screw steamer 1861 Liquori, Eden Landing ,Alameda County, California 163 10/95t 112ftx24ft6inx6ft6in 1861 built as sciling schoooner Union Star Richard Barrow, San Francisco California 1862 converted to steam 10.04.1862 reg #76 St.Francisco Union Star George Balchern, New York 11.12.1862 sold to foreigners at Shanghai Union Star Wheelock & Co. 19.6.1862 explosion of boiler ar Shanghai Monitor Augustine Heard & Co. Monitor P.Conklin & H.K.Drake 1864 Fei Pang H.K.Darke & Company 03.1865 Fei Pang Brandao & Company, Portugal before 2.01.1867 Wolga Landstein & Co, Hong Kong, Russian The London and China Telegraph: 1868 May 5

AvM: Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-02-21 MACAO AVON , master Zuluck, Russian ship 997t Landestein & Co LLoyd's List 18.03.1868 Saigon arrived Avon from Hong Kong 10.06.1868 Swatow arrived Avon , Edmond from Siam, sailed for Foo-chow-foo medium clipper ship L18.08.1853 W. & H.C.Briggs, South Boston, Mass, US. 1109obm 173ft3in35ft7inx22ft6ft Cyclone Curtis & Peabody, Boston sold 1863 to British owners for $24,000 Avon reg. #67/63 St.John ON46929 Avon reg. #44/64 at Hong Kong 999.98 ship built Avon reg. #90/65 St.John M.Nolan, London Avon Rusian ship 1874 not listed more

AvM: Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-11-26 Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-11-28 Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-02 Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-05 Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-08 Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-12 HONG KONG NADESDA , master Foreman, Russian ship 525t Landestein & Co for Macao NEVA ,master Ornate, Russian ship 1400t Landestein & Co VISTULA, , master Burhitt, Russian ship 636t Landestein & Co for Macao Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-14 NADESDA , 12th cleared for Macao Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-16 HONG KONG VISTULA, , master Burhitt, Russian ship 636t Landestein & Co for Macao 5.01.1869 Macao sailed master Burkut 733t , 430 passag. chinese for Havana Hong Kong Daily Press, 1870-08-06 HONG KONG VISTULA, , master P.Carrique, Russian ship 636t Landestein & Co LLoyd's List 1.01.1868 Hong Kong Nadesda, Forman sailed for Bombay 8.02.1868 Bombay Nadesda, Forman arrived from Hong Kong 16.06.1868 Kurrache Nadesda, Foreman arrived from Bombay 2.07.1868 Kurrache Nadesda, Foreman sailed for Bombay 7.07.1868 Bombay Nadesda, ---- arrived from Annesley Bay 16.01.1869 Macao sailed master T.Mujer 600t , 353 passag. chinese for Havana

AvM: Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-12 HONG KONG Yung Hai an, , master Morison, American steamer 447t Landestein & Co Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-12-16 HONG KONG Yung Hainan, master Morison, Russian steamer 417t Landestein & Co Iron Screw L1854 C1855 . Robert Napier, Govan,#63 1055grt 449.39nrt 235.4x30.8x23.1 engined Robert Napier, #159 300nhp reg #64 6.02.1855 Lancefield Charles Magniac (Jardine Matheson & Co), London c24/2/1855 sailed Greenock for Cape of Good Hope purchased for $115,000 23.05.1862 sold by Robert Jardine, Hong Kong, merchant, to Alexander Perceval of Hong Kong, merchant, dated London, . 1862 Nimro Maru (壬戌丸) , Chosu han ( 長州藩) , Japan - sometimer errously as Koshin Maru armed with 4 guns 16.07.1863 sunk by USS Wyoming at Shimonoseki, on coast of Japan. Salved. 1864 raised by Chōshū and attached to the harbor of Hagi. 1865 Gingat Simaw --- 23.03.1865 arrived Shanghai Japanese steamer Ginat Simaw from Nagasaki --- NHC 8.04.1865 at harbour Gingat Simaw Jap.Str 1865 Lancefield Britsh steamer, 950t Russell & Co., not registered at Shanghai --- not listed at Shanghai [NCH 1865-08-12] --- for repairing [NCH 1865-08-19], master ------ arrived 23.03.1865 1866 Lancefield Britsh steamer, 447t Russell & Co., not registered at Hong Kong, --- for repairs [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1866-02-07], master Johnston --- waiting for repair [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1866-03-16], master Johnson --- refitting [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1866-12-31], master Johns 1867 Yung Hai An American flag , operated by Russell & Co, master Morison [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1868-10-29], 1868 Yung Hai An Landstein & Co, Hong Kong, Russian 18... reg Manila, Manila Spanish flag 510t , 200nhp HSVJ ---- [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1870-11-07] at HK , master Abaros, consigneer Lamdstein &Co for Manila ---- [Hong Kong Daily Press, 1871-10-12] at HK , master Abaros, consigneer Lamdstein &Co reg London #230 1873 Lancefield China Navigation Co Ltd, London - as a sailing vessel, barque-rigged, ---grt 1106nrt. [later] reduced to a hulk 1912 British registry closed USS Wyoming sinking the Japanese Lancefield.

AvM: In 1818 on the Vistula river (Visla) the Russia pposessed at least 5 gunboats armed with 1 carronade. Have you any data on these flotilla?

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